We challenge you to solve the mystery of the Green Prison in 60 minutes.

60 minutes of adrenaline pumping into the veins

From the moment you’re in until time’s up, we guarantee you a great dose of adrenaline that pumps into your veins.

60 minutes of puzzle solving

All of the escape puzzles are meant to keep you trained and curious with every step you solve.

60 minutes full of clues and ideas that come and go

The clues you get during the game are designed to help you, but they can as well confuse you and make your experience even more exciting.

Who can play?

Friends and family

The adventure game can be played by families and friends who want to escape from the daily routine and enter a world full of mystery and adrenaline.


Anyone arriving in Cluj-Napoca is welcome to try the newest escape room game in town. The creativity with which it was created will make the experience unique.


Escape room is an excellent teambuilding activity. Office colleagues can learn to work together outside the office walls while having fun trying to reveal the mystery.

Green Prison

60 minutes and the clock is ticking ...


Answers to the most common questions...

Who can play?

You can play with your family, friends or colleagues and have fun together for an hour. Teams can be made up of at least 2 people and no more than 9.

Are there any such games?

Green Prison is not the first escape room in Cluj-Napoca, but it is the newest and is unique both by its location and by the approach. The Green Prison is located in the cellar of a former alcohol factory, and its construction is inspired by the real escape of a former political prisoner.

Why should I try this game?

If you like escape games you need to try this one too. If you’ve never played, it’s the best one to get started with.

How difficult is the game?

The Green Prison consists of 3 zones. The cell area is the first and the least difficult. The dining area brings puzzles that are more complex and extremely satisfying once they are elucidated, and the director’s area fills the experience of those who play through complicated puzzles. The game begins before entering the cell area, and the end … ends only for those who manage to elucidate the mystery in 60 minutes.

Do we have to wear special equipment?

Before starting the game, you will receive prisoner uniforms that you will wear throughout the game. Otherwise, we advise you to wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move comfortably.

How safe is the game?

Throughout the game you are safe, no matter where you are. There are no moments in which you will get scared. The game is designed to work with your logic and sense of observation.


The Green Prison experience price is calculated according to the number of persons

2 Persons

60 lei/person

3 Persons

50 lei/person

4 Persons

45 lei/person

5 Persons

40 lei/person

6 Persons

40 lei/person

The duration of the game is maximum 60 minutes.
Students have 10% discount from the standard price, based on their students card.
Access is permitted based on your booking.

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Green Prison

Strada Horea nr.33